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Reflectoquant peroxide test

Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide in Cotton Coil: USP Recommends Reflectoquant® Test

For food, beverage or water analysis, hygiene monitoring or industrial analytics: Merck's Reflectoquant® system is a mobile laboratory which is setting standards in the quantitative analysis of over 40 in-process parameters, including peroxide.

Advantages of the Reflectoquant® peroxide test:
  • Reliable and fast
  • Recommended by the USP

Monitor Thresholds Reliably: Reflectoquant® Peroxide Test

When you open a bottle of loose tablets, you often find a cotton ball under the lid. This filling material protects the pills from damage during transportation. Many pharmaceutical companies use hydrogen peroxide to sanitize these cotton balls. The USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) has now defined thresholds for hydrogen peroxide residues in cotton which is used as a packaging component with pharmaceuticals. The USP recommends the Reflectoquant® peroxide test for reliable in-process monitoring.

Reflectoquant® Peroxide Test Available For Two Measuring Ranges

The USP 670 draft states that, in the future, no more than 50 ppm of peroxide will be permissible per gram of cotton fiber: Before measuring, the fibers must be stirred for three minutes in 30 ml distilled water.

 Merck offers the Reflectoquant® peroxide test for two measuring ranges:

The test for the lower measuring range (116974.0001) is the one which is recommended by the USP for the application described.

USP: A New Chapter in Packaging Components

The USP is a non-governmental organization which promotes public health. For this purpose, it produces quality standards for medicines and medical products, which are updated regularly. The results are published in the United States Pharmacopeia and the "National Formulary" (USP-NF). To get to the online Pharmacopeial Forum (PF) you first have to enter the free registration for a login here:

The citation of this chapter is: Volume 34, Issue 6 In-Process Revision: <670> CONTAINERS-Auxiliary Packaging Components.

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